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Meditation is about healing and cleaning yourself from the inside out. Huffington Post has stated 8 ways in which meditation can help your life:

  • Meditation reduces stress.

  • It improves concentration. ...
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • The practice increases self-awareness. ...
  • It increases happiness.
  • Meditation increases acceptance. ...
  • It slows aging.
  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.

Furthermore, meditation helps you connect to your Inner Self, the one that has the answers to all of your questions and troubles. We always have the solution, but our minds are so clouded by thoughts that sometimes we don't see the solutions.

Meditation Practice
My session with Xixi was fantastic. She was very intuitive and understanding, taking a personal interest in my specific meditation needs. The imagery she used in our guided meditation resonated deeply for me. I love her meditation style, and she was an excellent resource for any meditation questions I had. I highly recommend her services!
— Taucia LeClaire | Toronto, Canada
I so appreciated Xixi’s grounding guidance that allowed me to strengthen a powerful connection with my authentic self and my place in the world. Cultivating a meditation practice with such support is an invaluable aspect to living a healthy and fulfilling life amidst the craziness of today’s world.
— Benjamin Alter | Portland, Oregon

Meditation is truly the simplest way to having a happy and peaceful life.

I would add the following benefits:

  • Improves your relationships
  • Helps you understand your True purpose
  • Allows your to connect to your own Wisdom
  • Increases your vitality for life
  • Adds more joy and peace
  • Lets you focus better
  • Builds inner strength and resilience 
  • Connects you to the Universal mind
Meditation Guidance
I was lucky to be picked to receive Xixi’s meditation session. I felt immediately at ease with her over video. She took the time to get to know my mediation practice and we dived in right away. I LOVED the guided meditation portion of the session where I felt calm, safe and relaxed. She gave me great tips on how to let my thoughts stream through me. Once the mediation was over, she took time to answer any lingering questions I had and tips on how to continue. I am someone who enjoys meditation immensely and I practice improving my skills. So to have someone like Xixi come along and give me specific tips that applied to me, was HUGE!

Thank you so much Xixi!
— Visalakshi Shanmugam | Clarksburg, Maryland

Meditation Sessions

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